Saturday 22 February 2014

What Is Hiding Under Your Snow?

Welcome to the Bobcaygeon and District Horticultural Society blog number 2.

Although it may seem to you that the snow covering our yards will probably not melt until July but, we know from experience that it will eventually find its way much sooner into the ground.Then,those joyful moments of gardening will be upon us once again. Are you ready for what may be lurking within your soil?

In a recent visit to my family doctor I was asked how I occupied my days. When I proudly confessed I enjoyed working in my garden and being ever so pleased with the fruits of my labour and my wife`s as well, I was asked when I last had a tetanus booster shot. I wondered what gardening in wonderful Bobcaygeon soil,or any soil and tetanus had in common. To my surprise,there is a strong connection between gardening and tetanus.

Now may be the time to gather information on how to protect yourself for the upcoming gardening season.

Perform a web search using the words " Gardening and Tetanus."Several of the websites are Canadian so you will obtain a Canadian perspective.

I found the following website quite informative. It shares invaluable gardening health and safety tips.The authors of this site are the Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention from Atlanta, Georgia,USA. The website address is

I hope you find the information of value to you and your family. Safe and healthy gardening in 2014. There really is green and brown and perhaps your favourite missing trowel under all that lovely fluffy white stuff!

Friday 21 February 2014

Our Exciting Speakers This Spring

Welcome to the Bobcaygeon and District Horticultural Society website blog number 1.
The blogs on our site are not about the author but about creating a learning experience for those who view our blog. This means I will share a variety of things with you such as, upcoming speakers and something pertinent about her,him or them,events you may wish to attend and what you may yield from attending and lastly, ideas to improve your gardens and gardening.

On Thursday,February 20th we had Dianne and Gary Westlake speak to us about Lawns and What Good Are They? I hope you enjoyed your time with them.If you would like to read more about them and even perhaps ask them questions, you may wish to visit their

When you visit their site,check out the menu titles"Articles & Newsletters." There you will find several articles they have written for a variety of sources. They are extremely helpful and hopefully they address the idea(s) you are looking for.

You can contact Dianne and Gary by going to the menu "Contact Us." At this point you can email and ask them questions. They are very prompt in returning your request as they have been very prompt with my queries.

Please join us at our next meeting in which we have another exciting and informative speaker. On March 20th at 7pm at Knox Presbyterian Church Hall in Bobcaygeon we are delighted to have David Jewell from Lindsay speak to us about "The History of Gardening in Canada." If you would like to read more about David go to his website

In the meantime,visit your Society website and see what we have for your surfing and learning pleasure. Our website address is
Let us know what you think of your site and please suggest any improvements etc we can make to it. We want to make it a very user - friendly site for you as well as a great learning tool.